Landscapes are so very different than hockey!  Pull out the wide angle lens and simply capture the scenery.  Over the years our love for photography started with landscape scenery.  Our website namesake comes directly from a shot we got back when my brother and myself were teenagers.  Camping in Killarney Provincial Park around 1996, we hiked to the top of Silver Peak and got this beauty of a photo.

Years later, my younger brother Rob having had the passion for photography many years before me, started getting me interested in more than just pressing the button.  These past 5 years, I have been inspired by him, learning every step of the way.  Now when we go camping in Northern Ontario or hit up the beach, I’m thinking landscapes!

I’d like to point anyone who is interested in checking out my brothers’ site for sick landscapes.  There are some absolutely incredible shots there please have a LOOK!

Here’s a few of my shots.  It’s something I’m still working on!