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2020 NOVICE LL/HL Silver Stick Tournament – Forest/Thedford

Please find all the info below for the 2020 Novice LL Silver Stick tournament this weekend.    Orders can be placed anytime by email or contact form at the bottom.  Scroll down to see the flyer with all the prices and products available.  Please note these are raw...

2020 International Silver Stick Sarnia Finals

Please find all the links to the games I am shooting over the weekend.  The games will be posted at the end of each day.  Orders can be placed anytime by email or contact form at the bottom.  Scroll down to see the flyer with all the prices and products available. ...

2020 Sarnia Girls Silver Stick – Photo Links

Please find all the links to the games I shot over the weekend.  The games were alot of fun to watch, with lots of them going into Overtime for awesome 3 on 3 action.  Congrats to all the winners and runners up!  The hockey was awesome!   Galleries By Team -...

2020 Silver Stick Tournaments – Photography Services

This season we are shooting the  Girls Silver Stick in Sarnia on January 10-12,  International Boys Silver Stick in Sarnia on January 17-19, Novice Silver Stick in North Lambton on February 21-23.  Please check out the info below on products and how to order.  We have...

2019-20 Mooretown Minor Hockey Picture Days

Please find all the info the 2019-20 Mooretown Minor Hockey Picture Days info.  We will be posting the photoshoot schedule here regularly.  We also have the order form for those interested in ordering photos, posters, digital packages or purchase with your team and...

2019-20 East Lambton Hockey Day Photography

Please find all the info the 2019-20 East Lambton Minor Hockey Days Photography.  Please check out the flyer/order form for all the photography info.  We will be on site all day in Alvinston to catch the Hockey Day action. Samples of the Picture Day offerings can be...

2019 Sharks Spring Tournament Finals

May 19, 2019 - Tournament Finals today!  The photos for all 3 finals are available to view.  Please email us to place an order or inquire on pricing.Like us on Facebook and receive 15% off your order, just mention it on the email or contact. 2009 Final Game Photos...

2019 OHF Championships Atom AAA

CONGRATS TO ALL TEAMS for making it to the 2019 OHF Championships in the Atom AAA Division!!    We are very excited to be the Official Photographer for the Championship Games.  Please find info on this page on how to order.  We will have a slide show display at the...

2019 All Star Game in Point Edward

CONGRATS TO ALL PLAYERS for making it to the 2019 All Star Game in Point Edward March 30!!    We will be onsite to catch the action on the ice, all day!  Please find info on this page on how to order.  We will have a slide show display at the arena loading...


2019 Season SMAA Football Picture Days

Picture Days will be October 5th and October 19th ALL SMAA Football Players will receive one 5x7 Team Photo free of charge, no order necessary.   If anyone would like any individual photo and/or custom poster made please email us to order at...

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2019 Summer Baseball Round-Up

September 4, 2019 What a summer of baseball it was.  I shot more baseball this summer than ever and it was great.  Plenty of awesome weather and fun games to shoot.  We have had many orders come through and thank you to everyone that has ordered so far.  We have all...

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APEX Dance Industry Photoshoot

SEPT. 3, 2019 - UPDATE We have updated the photo links to make it much easier for parents to view photos.  Please email us to order.  If anyone has any questions or would like to get a pacakge deal please let us know! Our first Dance shoot was a success.  We managed...

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Belle Pointe Dance Recital Photography

August 28. 2019 - Update We have had many orders come through and thank you to everyone that has ordered so far.  We also have gotten some great feedback and are adjusting the photo links to be much more user friendly.  The links are now setup to show each routine. ...

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Mosquito Doubleheader Braves Vs Wranglers

Today I shot the Sarnia Braves vs Wyoming Wranglers Mosquito ball.  It was a fun doubleheader with some great weather.  The boys put on a great show!  All the photos are available to view.     If you would like to place an order or have any questions at all...

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2019 SMAA Baseball Picture Days

August 20, 2019 - UPDATE "Team Mate" posters have been delivered and some extras have been ordered.  If you wish to order an extra copy of a poster please email us will be happy to print you a new copy.  The cost per extra copy is $10 and we will make arrangements...

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2019 Sturgeon Football Photography

For anyone still  interested in ordering a poster, team composite or any photos, please email Rick at silverpeakcanada@gmail.com   The season is complete and what a great season of football it was.  It was a giant pleasure to get the opportunity to follow the...

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2019 Wyoming Baseball Picture Day

Saturday June 1 & 8, 2019 - We are happy to shoot the Wyoming Instructional Baseball Picture Day.  Please see the poster below with all the info.  We are shooting first thing in the morning and will be around until we shoot all teams.  If you have any special...

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Lacrosse Wallaceburg vs Sarnia

July 17, 2019Here are some links to 3 games from last night.  The links to each game are available here, please let us know the 4 digit code of the photos you would like to order as a sportrait poster or photos.  We can work out a team price as...

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Backyard Birds – Sarnia, Ontario

I've beeI grabbed my camera and just went out hoping to catch some cardinals we have been seeing out in the yard.   My wife swears this is the same pair we had last year.  I'm going to get some bird seed and hopefully get some more photos. Here is the few selects from...

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Lightning Crashes

I've been thinking about trying to get lightning photographed for a while.  With all this recent time off, I figured I had the time to take.  Tonight I went out and followed, well sort of, this storm.  It blew through town pretty quickly.  I found a farm just on the...

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Custom Poster Designs & Samples

Our latest designs are doing well.  This fancy new artistic style is a cool way to highlight your best photos.  If you have purchased digital photos at a past tournament, creating a new poster is super simple.  If your team or player has not been to a tournament we...

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Bridge in Winter

I couldn't wait to get my new camera out to shoot, so the day it came in I created a small crappy reveal video and then needed to drop off a cheque in Point Edward.  So fresh out of the box, I took my new Canon 1DX Mark ii to get his (or her?) first shot.  It was a...

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Thursday Nov. 1st – Sarnia Legionnaires vs St-Thomas Stars

The Sarnia Legionnaires took on the St-Thomas Stars at the Brock Street barn last night.  I went out to get some shots but of course I ran into the dreaded "no where to shoot except through glass" problem!  The city really needs to get some holes cut in that glass. ...

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Sarnia Sturgeon Football Sportraits Collection

This was one of the coolest sets of games I have shot so far and they gave me great stuff to work with in creating the posters.  I tried to keep them a bit unique while maintaining the same style.  It's a fun set to see side by side. For this set I had the pleasure of...

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Sarnia Pacers Lacrosse Sportraits & Photo Galleries

Lacrosse is fast paced and exciting to watch and shoot!  These kids were no different.  The arena lighting at Clearwater was rough to work with as usual but I managed to figure out some decent settings.  When viewing these, please remember they are raw un-edited.  All...

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Motocross at Gully Mor Moto race track in Alvinston, Ontario

This was a super fun event to shoot.  My first motocross photography experience.  It was a nice and sunny day, the action was fast and dusty... but mostly fast!  The track was great to move around on and get all the real good angles.  I could literally get any shot I...

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SupaNinja Lair Poster

A fun little shoot for my nephew at the SupaNinja Lair here in Sarnia.  The kids there were having a blast.  I really wanted to jump on the equipment it looked so fun.  The instructors were very organized and taught the kids great skills and ideals.  I had a great...

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Soccer Sportraits!

These great keepsakes are available.  Please email us to book a shoot.  We make the draft, email it to you and you decide if you would like a poster. For more info email silverpeakstudioscanada@gmail.com or use our form below.

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Soccer Sportraits are out!

Soccer Sportraits are out!  Here are just a few of the first samples.  Please check back as we will be updating the samples! To book a no obligation photoshoot, please contact us at silverpeakstudioscanada@gmail.com

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Wildlife – Sarnia, Ontario – April 2018

Just a little walk through the trails off Modeland Road in Sarnia  I confess I played a bit with the saturation on a couple of these, but they look great, so why not.  The birds were tough to get I can see why you need a really big lens.  I shot these with my Canon 7D...

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Sportraits Gallery of the Week

This is a project I did for the Mooretown Jr Flags Atom AE.  They invited me out to shoot their games.  I got a massive gallery so there were some great selections for these.  I made them each their own individual sportrait AND a copy of the team composite sportrait. ...

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Lambton Attack Sportraits Collection

I got to shoot some Lambton Attack games over the past few weeks.  Here are some "sportrait" posters that have been created and delivered.  All posters are created with the parents through email.  We are very flexible in how we make posters.  There are many designs to...

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Sarnia Hockey Peewee Blue Thunder Sportrait Collection

This is a collection I did for the Peewee team I coached this past season.  We had a great group of kids who gave it all every game.  I had a bunch of games worth of shots and took me a little while to get this project done.  I had been doing it along side many other...

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Sarnia Legionnaires Game – Action Shots Samples

This past week I had the pleasure of trying some action shots at the Legionnaires game vs the Kings.  The old Brock Street barn is an old picturesque rink, so I made these with my Camera RAW Filter.  Something new to try out, I think it makes them pop a bit.  The...

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