Please find all the info the 2019-20 East Lambton Minor Hockey Days Photography.  Please check out the flyer/order form for all the photography info.  We will be on site all day in Alvinston to catch the Hockey Day action.

Samples of the Picture Day offerings can be found here or check out our portfolio page for more samples and styles.

Parents will be able to view their players photos after the event but you must place an order to get a good selection of photos.  We can’t guarantee photos will be taken of your player if we don’t get their jersey numbers before hand.  Photos will be made available online right after the event.  

There is no obligation to buy so we request only players who place an order get their photos taken, we can arrange to have a few headshots taken before the games.  

Pre-paid orders will receive 15% your total order, $20 deposit required.

For more info please contact us at

Classic “Sportrait” Style Posters – up to 3 action shots and a headshot included!

Hockey Cards

$25 for 9 Individual Singles

$40 for 18 Individual Singles

14 + 4 =