August 28. 2019 – Update

We have had many orders come through and thank you to everyone that has ordered so far.  We also have gotten some great feedback and are adjusting the photo links to be much more user friendly.  The links are now setup to show each routine.  You can see the thumbnail too which helps identify which routine is which!  All photos are still available to be ordered.  We would be happy to create a poster draft for you to sample before making your purchase.

Please find the newly updated photo galleries below!  Then email us to place your order!

Place an order by ordering in the Shop, contacting us with our form at the bottom of the page or email us at

Please note these photo galleries are low resolution versions and have not been edited, I will edit and brighten photos that need it. 

All ordered photos will be high resolution, with no watermark and we will edit as needed.

Each of the following Gallery Links show one routine per link so it’s much easier to look through the photos.  If have missed any routines please let me know.





New Poster Design – Artistic Dance Collage Sportrait

June 7. 2019

We are happy for the opportunity to shoot the Belle Pointe Dance Dress Rehearsals and Recital.   We will be in London Friday night for the second dress rehearsal from 4pm to 8:30pm.  And we are excited to shoot the full recitals on Saturday June 15th.  Please find our flyer and link to view the photos.  

All photos will be made available to order by email or through the Shop on the website here.  You can place an order at the event and get priority order completion or take your time and order after you’ve had a chance to review all the photos.

If you order a poster, we will create the first draft for you to review, once the editing process is complete we send you the poster.  We use photoshop for all photos and posters which makes it very easy to customize every product.   If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask!

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