We are very happy to shoot the 2019 SMAA Baseball Picture Days.  The photoshoots start tonight at Germain!  Please see the poster below with all the info.  

Every player will receive an 8x10 Team Mate Cardboard mounted photo which includes the team photo, an individual photo, sponsor logo and name.

The sample displayed here will be very similar to what each player will receive.

If you wish to order any extra prints, digital photos or our custom made Sportraits, please contact us.  

Picture Days will be dedicated to shooting the individual and team photos.  We have many teams to shoot so please bear with us as we get through everyone.  If you wish to request action shots to get a poster made please let us know and we will plan to come and catch action shots of your player at a later date.  Pre-paid orders are also required for Sportraits.  We create the poster for you and you can review it before the poster is complete.  

Here is a sample of the Sportraits available:

Baseball Sportraits Portfolio

Please contact us at silverpeakcanada@gmail.com