August 21, 2019 – Banquet UPDATE

While some posters have been completed, most are on hold at the moment to allow the possible use of Banquet photos for poster collages!  I will be at the Banquet tonight to add to the library of photos taken this season.  Photos will be available to view by Friday and this weekend poster drafts will be complete for all that have emailed me throughout the season.  Those parents who can help me out by picking their photos and those who can send a pre-payment we move up the priority list.  All designs from last season and new ones from this season are available.  Please let me know the design and size preference you have or for any questions!

AUGUST 3, 2019 – Bantam Championship Game UPDATE

Just got home from the big Championship game in Oshawa today.  The Bantams put up an amazing fight.  The first half was unreal, these Sturgeons worked their tails off.  It was an awesome experience being there to catch their great day.  They had fun and played a super competitive team in Scarborough.  The Sturgeons gotta be super proud of their effort today and how strong of a season they had.  Undefeated Divisional champs! Photos for the game can be viewed here:

Direct photo link for Bantam Championship Game

Bantam Championship Game Link

View photos and download any photos you wish courtesy of Sarnia Sturgeons Football Club.

All photos can be used in poster creations.



Anyone interested in ordering a poster, team poster or any photos, please email me at

Find all photos taken this season in the links below.  

We are happy to be shooting Sarnia Sturgeons Football again this season.  Please check out the new designs or we will be happy to create a new customized one for you.  Please email us to order.  I will be shooting a few games this season so I shouldn’t have a problem getting shots for every player, if I did miss your player please let me know and we can plan to get some shots at practice for a poster.  Please contact us for any requests.

JULY 17, 2019 – UPDATE

Please note we have adjusted team composite poster sizes to 18x12 and 30x20.  The frame availability for the original 1x3 ratio poster size is very limited.  We tried to find frames for the 8x24 and 18x54 and had no luck without paying an arm and a leg!  These new poster sizes are more standard and allow plenty of framing options.  The 18x12 will be $55 and the 30x20 is $100.  We can have it framed in a slim black frame for an additional $25.

We are working creating the first sportraits and have almost completed the Bantam and Junior Varsity Team Composites.  We are a bit delayed to ensure we get all the players in that were missed on picture day.  The first drafts will be out soon, we have the Peewee team first draft complete.  If you have noticed your player missing in any of the team photos, please let us know.  These posters are easy to adjust so we will get them in!

Please let us know your favorite photos with the 4 digit code found in the descriptions.  This will help us create your poster quicker and find the best action shots.  We are planning to have posters ready to hand out at the banquet on August 21st.  If you need your poster sooner, please email me.  We have a good list of names and will get through them as we get the numbers/photos picked out.

Click these links below to find photos:

May 27 – Individual Photos – Peewee, Bantam and JV

June 9 – Peewee Game vs London

June 16 – Junior Varsity vs Waterloo

June 26 – Practice – All 3 teams

July 21 – Bantam vs Oakville Playoff Game

July 28 – Bantam vs Brantford 2nd Playoff Game

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NEW -Team Composite Panoramic

$55 for 18x12 print

$80 for 18x12 framed

$100 for 30x20 print

$130 for 30x20 framed

JV Team Composite poster will be complete with back of the jersey photos in the final print.