I was very happy to get the Lady Flags photography done again for a 4th season.  Each of the 8 teams were photographed in November and December.  The orders have been completed and are being organized with the teams for pick up.  Each team had headshots done and a traditional team photo taken at a practice and then action shots were done at a game.

The Team Package for each team is $30 per player.  The managers/coaches were in charge of collecting the money and organizing the reviews afterwards as well as pick up.  Thank you very much to those who helped make this process a breeze.  I apologize for the delay in getting orders done.

If anyone would like to order extra copies of their posters or the team poster, please email Rick at


8×10 Copies of either team poster or individual posters will be $12 each.

Extra products are available as well, large prints, hockey cards, new custom made posters. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact Rick.



All posters are fully customized to your taste.  

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New Custom Poster

Use photos already taken

Fully Customized

Choose any design you can find on the website

$50 Digital Copy

$35-8×10, $45-11×14, $60-16×20

Hockey Cards

$40 for 9 Individual Singles

$50 for 18 Individual Singles

Team Poster Copy 8×10 $12

Custom Posters

Any Design

Copies of already printed poster is $12 for 8×10