Art is many things to different people.  It really is in the eye of the beholder.  My interest in “art” began in high school taking art classes as an optional course.  When we started painting and learning about the Group of Seven and in particular Tom Thompson.  These 2 paintings were my favorite from the start.

Comics are another sick form of Art I’ve always been into.  The Amazing Spider-man comics got me hooked as a kid.  I’d read those and wish I could draw as awesome as that.  

 I wish I kept those all these years later!  The old Spider-man cartoon was just so amazing too, I watched the heck out of that.  Ironman was a feeble attempt to do some shading, but I managed to give him quite the nose.

Lego Batman was one of my first inspirations to draw when I got back into it a few years ago.  I found it easier to do some shading on block shaped figures.  I would doodle alot in high school and I remember drawing hockey players and super heroes.  These Lego figures remind me of that.  I find it easier getting back into it to simply shade the figures to give them depth.