I couldn’t wait to get my new camera out to shoot, so the day it came in I created a small crappy reveal video and then needed to drop off a cheque in Point Edward.  So fresh out of the box, I took my new Canon 1DX Mark ii to get his (or her?) first shot.  It was a crappy day out there, overcast but dark and drab.  So anyways I wanted to get to the northern most point facing back down the river.  The sun was just barely still up and after I brought the shot into Photoshop I bumped the saturation and played around with a few levels. 

It turned out ok but I still need lots of practice to get to know the 1DX.  I hadn’t even changed many of the settings.  This camera is a beast though!  My main reason for getting the upgrade was to increase the quality of my sports photography, but it also helps me improve on other types of shots too.  Now I really want to get out there and take more landscapes, scenery and well, whatever!

Enjoy, thanks for reading!