Please find all the info the 2019-20 Mooretown Minor Hockey Picture Days info.  We will be posting the photoshoot schedule here regularly.  We also have the order form for those interested in ordering photos, posters, digital packages or purchase with your team and save.  

Samples of the Picture Day offerings can be fond here or on our portfolio page. 

If you wish to order any individual photos please fill out the form and have you player ready to take headshots before practice.  We will get the team photo once the zamboni is off the ice.  The basic team photo will be available as a 5×7 print for $10.  Players will be asked to line up on the blueline so we can snap the photo quickly so teams don’t waste any of their ice time. 


Click the blue link for each team’s photo gallery. 

To order please email 


Wednesday October 30
6pm Atom AE1 – Photo Gallery
7pm Atom AE2 – Photo Gallery
8pm Midget AE – Photo Gallery
Thursday November 7
5:50pm Peewee AE – Photo Gallery
7:20pm Bantam AE –  Photo Gallery
Tuesday November 12
4:40pm Atom Rep – Rink 1 – Photo Gallery
5:50pm Peewee Rep – Rink 1 – Photo Gallery
6:45pm Peewee FC1 – Rink 2 – Photo Gallery
7:25pm Bantam Rep – Rink 1 – Photo Gallery
7:50pm Peewee FC2- Rink 2 – Photo Gallery
Friday November 29
6:45pm Atom FC2 – Rink 1 – Photo Gallery
7:50pm Bantam FC1 – Rink 1 – Photo Gallery
8:50pm Bantam FC2 – Rink 1 – Photo Gallery
Sunday December 1
8:15am Minor Initiation – Rink 2 – Photo Gallery
9:00am Major Initiation #1 & #2 – Rink 2  – Photo Gallery
10:00am Minor Novice FC1 – Rink 2 – Photo Gallery
11:05am Minor Novice FC2 – Rink 2 – Photo Gallery
12:10pm Novice Shamrock – Rink 2 – Photo Gallery

Thursday December 5

7:30pm Bantam AE Team Photo

Saturday December 7

8:15am Instructional – Rink 1 – Photo Gallery
9:15am Make-up Photoshoot – Photo Gallery
6:30pm Midget AE – Photo Gallery
Saturday December 14

10:00am Atom FC1 Rink 1 – Photo Gallery

5:10pm Midget Rep – Rink 1 – Photo Gallery

Saturday February 29th

Midget FC – Photo Gallery

We will take your forms and payment just before taking the shots to keep everyone organized.  We also have extra forms and samples to see in person.  We take special requests,  if you have siblings and want to get them together or plan a photo shopped poster with all the kids, just let us know on the form.

Please contact us at

All posters are fully customized to your taste.  

 Email us with any questions!

SportMate Poster

Fully Customized

Team Photo + Individual Photo  $20

Digital Files (1)$10 – (3)$20 – (6)$35 – (ALL)$50

Hockey Cards

$25 for 9 Individual Singles

$40 for 18 Individual Singles

Team Photo 5×7 Print  $10

Sportrait Posters

Collage Posters

8×10 — $35

11×14— $40

12×18 — $45

16×20 — $50

20×30 — $65

Classic “Sportrait” Style Posters – up to 3 action shots and a headshot included!

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Team Composite Posters and Deals are available upon request.

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