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Tournament Photo Links Round Up

With the 2018-19 Hockey season coming to close in the next month.  We are getting organized to provide anyone who missed out on getting a poster or photos from this past season.  We are getting links prepared on this post.  Please check back or email us if you don't...

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2019 Strathroy Jamboree

The Strathroy Jamboree took place on Saturday Feb. 16th at the Gemini Sportsplex.  We had a photographer on hand to catch the action.  Please check out the link below to view the photos from the day. You may place an order by filling out the form on this page or email...

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2019 Futures Point Edward Figure Skating

I will be shooting at the Point Edward Arena on Saturday Feb. 10th and Sunday Feb 12th for the Futures Point Edward Figure Skating competition.  Here is our flyer with more info.  Please contact us with the form below or by email...

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21st Annual Sarnia Girls Silver Stick – Jan. 11-13, 2019

Congrats to all teams for a great tournament.  We shot as many games we possibly could.  There are over 18,000 photos covering 50 games from 6 different rinks across Sarnia.  Game links are available and will be emailed out to teams' coaches and managers.  Contact us...

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Pt-Edward Blackhawks Spirit Day Action Shots

Please find all the info for the Pt-Edward Spirit Day.  I will be on-site to shoot the action from 2pm until the Midget game at 7:30pm.  To guarantee a selection of photos or shots to make posters, please make your requests as soon as possible.Please check out the...

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Port Lambton Rookie Tournament Photography

Saturday July 13, 2019 - We are out Saturday and Sunday in Port Lambton catching some of the Port Lambton Rookie OBA Tournament  Please see the poster below with all the pricing info.  If you have any special requests please email me at silverpeakcanada@gmail.com...

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2019 SMAA Lacrosse Stick it to Stigma

May 4, 2019The action was FAST, FIERCE and FUN to watch.  I had a blast shooting the Lacrosse Stick it to Stigma games today in Point Edward.  Always a pleasure to see those great people.  The links to each game are available here, please let us know the 4...

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SMAA Football ACTION SHOTS Photography & Posters

We are proud to work with the SMAA Football executive to provide action shot photography for the games played on October 13 and the Finals on November 10th. Our Samples are posted here and there are others on the site in our Summer Sports blog posts.  These posters...

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Corunna Giants Baseball – 2018 Summer

One of my first baseball shoots came with this baseball team in Corunna.  This was the OBA team and they were good!  Luckily they were playing Alvinston that night, so I managed to get a few shots for them too and a connection to shoo them again. If anyone else from...

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Sarnia Sturgeon Football Sportraits Collection

This was one of the coolest sets of games I have shot so far and they gave me great stuff to work with in creating the posters.  I tried to keep them a bit unique while maintaining the same style.  It's a fun set to see side by side. For this set I had the pleasure of...

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Sarnia Pacers Lacrosse Sportraits & Photo Galleries

Lacrosse is fast paced and exciting to watch and shoot!  These kids were no different.  The arena lighting at Clearwater was rough to work with as usual but I managed to figure out some decent settings.  When viewing these, please remember they are raw un-edited.  All...

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Great Lake Canadians Baseball – London, Ontario

This is a shoot from Saturday, July 14 in London.  The Great Lake Canadians black vs red.  The photos can be viewed at this link:   https://silverpeak.smugmug.com/Sports1/SilverPeakCanada/20180714-BASEBALL-GREAT-LAKE-CANADIANS/   Please Email us at...

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Motocross at Gully Mor Moto race track in Alvinston, Ontario

This was a super fun event to shoot.  My first motocross photography experience.  It was a nice and sunny day, the action was fast and dusty... but mostly fast!  The track was great to move around on and get all the real good angles.  I could literally get any shot I...

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