We are proud to work with the SMAA Football executive to provide action shot photography for the games played on October 13 and the Finals on November 10th.

Our Samples are posted here and there are others on the site in our Summer Sports blog posts.  These posters are custom made sports portraits, some are just action, it’s full customization at it’s best.

The action shots will be used to make prints, digital photos or to they will be the centerpiece of our custom made “sportrait” posters or collages.  I am very open to working with the parents to get the best poster they want.  Everything is customized and the use of Adobe Photoshop allows me to make the edits even after you’ve seen a first draft.  The print or emailed digital file won’t arrive until the product has been ok’d by you.

Please email, Rick at silverpeakstudioscanada@gmail.com or use the contact form below.  Please be sure to provide us with the following info:

-Permission to take photos of your player

-Team Name

-Date and Game Time



-Which product you are interested in

-Contact email


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